Action Figure Optimus Prime

Action Figures – Solving Problems & Creating Play

Action Figure Optimus PrimeIf you have children, you’ll know that they have at some stage in their lives played with action figures of sorts.

Whether they are Lalaloopsy dolls for girls or KRE-O Transformer toys for the boys (although girls love the Transformer toys too), action figures provide ample opportunity to teach children lots of rich language whilst they are playing.  Our 7 year old can happily spend hours playing with his Megatron Transformer toy or enacting playfights with his brother who will also be deep in pretend play with his Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear toy.

It obviously doesn’t matter to them that these two characters are from 2 different movies and completely different in personality!

As well as enriching their language, you can use these action figures to act out scenes that your child might be potentially scared off, such as a visit to the dentist for example.

Using action figures to play out the dentist visit at home, during play, might be a good way to remove the anxiety your child might have about the impending visit.

Of course, not that Optimus Prime is going to the dentist, your child knows this but your child is controlling his action figure, Optimus Prime and if he manages to act out this role of what a dentist’s visit is like, then it might help when your child actually does go to the dentist in the real visit.

A lot of the anxiety we often feel is down to imagined events and most times, our imaginations give us the worst side of it when in fact the reality of the situation is not that bad.  This is how it is for little kids also. They also have the disadvantage that they cannot express themselves as well as we can, so using action figures is the best way they can show us how they are feeling inside.

Never underestimate the power and use of action figures especially when it comes to role-playing.  Often, you might be able to spot concerns that your child has but is not telling you, from the words and situations he is using whilst playing with his toys.

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