Collect the Best Toy Figurines

image of Best Toy FigurinesToy figurines are a million dollar industry, and  the toy companies are reaping huge profits from  parents who can’t say no to their kids. Each  manufacturer wants to make the “must have”  figurine, but with the number of categories  available, many “must haves” exist in the  marketplace.

What little child does not love toy figurines or  action figures? Set a child free in any toy store  and he will immediately run to the aisle that is  crammed full with action figurines. These small  renditions of cartoon and movie characters, as well  as comic book heroes, make little hearts jump with  joy.

The most common types of toy figurines are:
Animated Figures – From Star Wars to Batman, these  figurines reign supreme. Power Rangers, Superman,  and DC Comics characters are also in this category.  And just because you have one Darth Vader doesn’t  mean that you are done. Newer and better Darth  Vader action figures  arrive on the shelves every  day, and children’s TV shows are only too happy to  introduce them to your kids.

Anime Figures – The big sellers here are Dragonball  Z and Yu-Gi-Oh. Those two names alone can cause a  room full of young boys to faint. Each individual  in the series has an entire collection of action  figures, so one is never enough.

Bobbleheads – Toy figurines in this category range  from basketball stars to Betty Boop. What sets them  apart is the bouncy movement of their heads. Many  people place these figurines on their dashboard, so  the toy figurines move as the car bounces along the  road.

Movie Toy Figurines – You’ll find the full  complement of monsters here, from Dracula to  Wolfman, along with crossovers from other  categories like Star Wars characters. If a movie is  popular with children, you can bet that a toy  figurine will follow. The success of Shrek and Nemo  toy figurines proves that point.  The recent success of the Toy Story and Transformer films has given rise to a huge business in the production of Transformer toys such as the Mechtech Megatron transformer to name but one from the collection of Transformer toys, not to mention the new KRE-O Transformer toys. Each Christmas, the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear toy peaks as one of the more popular toys to give as a gift to young children.

TV Toy Figurines – The toddler set will have hours  of fun playing with toy figurines from Sesame  Street and Blues Clues. As children age, their TV  universe expands, and middle schoolers will be  begging for Buffy the Vampire Slayer toy figurines,  while teenagers will be stalking the mall for the X  File’s Scully and Mulder.

Disney Toy Figurines – This group of toy figurines  is huge, as it encompasses all of the Disney  franchises, from Winnie the Pooh to Cruella  Deville. New toy figurines are released each year,  so people can collect vintage pieces like Dumbo and  Mary Poppins.

Animal Figurines – Do you like horses? There are  thousands of toy horse figurines from which to  choose. How about pigs, or donkeys, or even  penguins? These toy figurines are all available.  Children can build a toy farm and stock it with the  proper animals, or run a toy rodeo where horses can  be equipped with the latest gear.

Historical Figurines – Pick a century, and you will  find a toy figurine to fill it. Knights of the  Round Table, Cleopatra, and Helen of Troy are just  a few of the ancients who have been turned into toy  figurines. Children can recreate the Alamo, or lead  soldiers into battle against American Indians.

Military Figurines – These have always been popular  with kids, but with the advent of the Iraq war,  they are keeping a high profile. GI Joe stands next  to paratroopers and World War II German soldiers in  the toy aisle.

Sports Figurines – From Hulk Hogan in World Wide  Wrestling to NBA stars, little boys and little  girls have their sports heroes and now they can  have their sports hero action figures. Miniature  baseball players can move around imaginary bases,  while aspiring tennis and golf pros can own tiny  versions of their favorite players.

Whatever your choice of toy figurine, it is  available somewhere near your house or your  keyboard.

If you or your child really gets into toy figurine  collecting, there are conventions dedicated to  specific action figures or to pop culture, where  many unusual and hard-to-find toy figurines are  available.

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