KRE-O Transformers

image for KRE-O TransformersIt’s fun to create with KRE-O!

This was the intention of Hasbro, Inc when they first  set about creating a new and unique opportunity for  kids to enjoy the more popular Hasbro branded  characters.

With KRE-O you can build and create and interact with  all the iconic Transformers characters, whether goodies  or baddies, you have them all in this product line.

KRE-O Transformers allow young and curious minds to  create a robot and then to disassemble a robot and  rebuild a vehicle from the one base model.

This summer, with the success of the new Transformers  film: Dark of the Moon, KRE-O transformers are  available in the following characters:

KRE-O Transformers Bumblebee

The KRE-O Transformers Bumblebee character comes with:

– 355 bricks which enable you to create a 9 inch tall  Bumblebee robot OR an 8-inch long Speedy sports car

– 3 Kreon minifigures: G1 Red Alert G1 Bumblebee and a  Driver

– These are compatible with LEGO and other  construction toy lines

– In car mode, you can use the Kreon mini-figures to  ride inside

Note: Recommended for ages 7 years and upwards

KRE-O Transformers Starscream

– Enables you to create a 12 inch Starscream robot or  a 13 inch long Starscream fighter jet plane

– Comes with 316 bricks, including removable rockets,  turbo thrusters, retractable wheels, cockpit seats

– 2 Kreon mini figures (a G1 Starscream and a Pilot)

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KRE-O Transformers Megatron Set

– Comes with 310 bricks, including a projectile  launcher brick, hidden jail cell, truck seats, 4 Kreon  mini figures

– Enables you to build an 11.5 inch tall robot figure  or an 8.5 inch long truck

– 4 Kreon mini figures (G1 Shockwave, Megatron, a  Specialist and a Policeman)

Click here to check out the Mechtech Megatron Transformer toy.

KRE-O Transformers Optimus with Twin Cycles

– comes with 542 pieces as well as a projectile  launcher brick, 2 motorcycles, 2 traffic cones, 5  KREON mini figures

– includes 5 poseable Kreon mini figures (Optimus  Primer, Skywarp, Bluestreak, 2 stunt drivers)

– build a 10 inch tall robot or a 15 inch long  semi-hauler truck

KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prim – FIRE TRUCK

– comes with 386 KRE-O pieces and a projectile  launcher brick, sword, shield, 2 ladders, blaster,  truck cab seats, 4 Kreon mini figures

– 4 Kreon minifigures are Sentinel Prime, Soundwave,  Thundercrack and Fire Chief

– build a 10.5 inch tall robot or a 9.5 inch long fire  truck

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