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MechTech Megatron Transformer

click here to buy DOTM MechTech MegatronThe hottest film of summer 2011, Transformers: Dark of  the Moon has meant a new blast of hot Transformer Toys  from the new film.

Now, even  being nearly totally destroyed by the  AllSpark, the mighty Mechtech Megatron Transformer is back and  he can be switched from robot mode to Mack Truck mode  and back.

This is one of the best movie Megatron transformers  made and is evenly proportioned too.

His face is torn up from the movie giving it a nicely  realistic touch, there is a lot of detailing on this  transformer and when he finally transforms into a trailer, the trailer can turn too!

The fusion cannon actually attaches to one side of  Megatron’s arm and the cloak can be taken off so that  his left arm is perfectly mobile.
This is a small but important point which really  matters especially if you are in full combat with  another child and his Transformer toy!

The articulation in this Mechtech Megatron toy is  pretty good and you won’t get Megatron losing his  balance and falling over when you change his pose  (this is something that tends to happen with other  Megatron models).

This transformer toy has a fantastic transformation into a Mack Truck  which is  very sturdy and has a fantastic level of detailing.

The MechTech feature of having a blaster that can  convert into a fusion cannon makes this toy even  cooler!

Transformers Mechtech Megatron Transforms Into A Truck

Megatron will convert from one to the other as many  times as needed in order to do battle with the  Autobots and with his old rival, Optimus Prime.

For Transformers Collectors, you will find that this  toy has lots of great detail and the ability to convert  this into truck mode makes it one of the best  Megatrons around at the moment.

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