click to buy Dark of the Moon Mechtech Starscream

Transformers MechTech Starscream Toy

click to buy Transformers MechTech Starscream toyAnother awesome model from the Transformers summer hits movie: Dark of the Moon. The MechTech Deluxe Starscream is here!

For kids who want fast-paced, fast-flying, high-energy fun, you can have this with the MechTech  plane-that-turns-into-a-robot Transformer toy.

Starscream is what you get when the mighty and fearsome Bumblebee turns into an F-22 Raptor fighter plane soaring fast and furiously after his enemies.

Turn Bumblebee into the F-22 Fighter jet and back again over and over and over again.
Transformer fans will know that Starscream never fights fair and will always bring a bigger and more powerful weapon to battle than his opponents.

For pure amazing detail in both the vehicle and robot modes, an solid and durable figure, this high-quality Transformer toy will give hours of creative fun for children aged 5 years and above.

Grownup Transformer fans will enjoy this toy as much as the kids do!

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