At What Age Do Babies Enjoy Baby Gyms?

Baby gyms are great for stimulating little minds but what you  will find when you look at many baby gyms is that they will  recommend not to be used for children under the age of 3 years  due to choking hazards.

This can seem at a conflict with the whole point of having a  “baby gym”, because a 3 year old is not  a baby. Often,  manufacturers put these disclaimers to safeguard themselves  and many parents DO buy these activity gyms for their small  babies.

This is often because parents will be supervising their baby  whilst playing with them.

For very small babies, for instance a one or two month old  baby, they can’t roll over, they can’t sit up, they can’t get  up.  You know that for the most part they are going to be  lying down on the floor and looking up at the baby gym above  their heads.

So, providing that you or another adult is supervising the  baby whilst he or she is being stimulated by the activity gym,  then it should be OK.

A similar toy and also one that can help keep young babies mesmerized for a while is the use of musical baby mobiles which are suspended above your baby’s crib and often come in different colors, shapes, characters and with different tunes. Babies love baby mobiles!

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