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Helping Your Baby To Fall Asleep

click here to buy the Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

This is a brilliant toy when your baby is finding it  difficult to fall asleep. This Seahorse can help!  When  it is cuddled, the Seahorse’s belly gently glows and it  plays over 5 minutes of music and relaxing ocean sounds  which are so naturally soothing and conducive to lulling  a baby gently to sleep.  Some babies can fall asleep just by looking at the baby mobiles over their cot but for other babies, it might takes something a little more soothing and this is where the Ocean Wonders Seahorse does a great job.

At the end of 5 minutes, the music will fade away and  the glowing lights dim down, enabling your little baby  to fall gently asleep.

This is an amazing toy and I  wish we had had something like this when our kids where  babies. We’ve done plenty of rocking baby in our arms,  had more sleep deprived nights than I care to count and  my husband has even resorted to driving our first born  around the blocks a couple of times at 4am because that  was the only thing that would send her to sleep!

click here to buy the Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow SeahorseTough  times for sure.  I wish I had known about the Ocean  Wonders Seahorse back then, I’m not even sure if it was  around 10 years ago but the minute I heard about this  little toy, I wasn’t surprised to see so many positive  reviews about it on

You get 8 lullabies with this Seahorse and there is a  volume control button for quiet play.

Once your baby has had a lovely snooze and is well rested, he or she will be an absolute delight to play and interact with (assuming your baby has been fed and you have changed her nappy).  One of the best ways to simulate your baby and to  let them play by themselves is by having a baby gyms. Baby gyms are great for stimulating your baby and will give you a bit of time to do your chores or take a bit of a break whilst the baby is being entertained by a good quality baby gym.

There are lot of other stimulating baby toys available all with their own special brand of bells and whistles and you can also find specific musical toys for babies as well.

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