Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Ideal Gifts for Newborn Babies

Gifts for a Newborn BabyThe arrival of a new baby is cause for joy and celebration in   a family.  Close friends and family members who find   themselves becoming grandparents, or aunts and uncles – all  will  be thrilled and will be looking for the ideal baby gift  and all will be wondering what is a really nice baby gift to  buy.

Buying the ideal gift for a newborn baby can be difficult,   especially if you don’t have children of your own and   therefore are less versed in what makes for a useful and   helpful baby gift for a newborn baby.

Hopefully, this article will help you to make better informed   decisions when it comes to buying baby gifts.

Buying A Gift For  A New Born Baby

A new born baby is interested only in the basic, fundamental  needs which are for:

  • Food
  • Comfort
  • Love

Therefore, apart from milk, hugging and comfort – your newborn  little nephew, a friend’s newborn and generally every other  newborn baby is not going to want more than this.

Toys are not high on a list as far as the newborn is  concerned!

However, friends and family members will want to buy  “something” for the new arrival as it would be quite rude to  turn up to see the new baby empty handed.

Should I Buy Toys As Gifts For A New Born Baby?

A newborn baby is not going to play with toys for a few months  yet. However, decorative toys such as plush pets and cuddly  creatures look cute in the nursery and as a safe bet for  people to buy as gifts.

Please check and make sure that the cuddly gifts you are  buying are appropriate for a newborn baby as many seemingly  safe gifts can sometimes be a choking hazard and are not  suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

The most useful toys to buy a newborn would be things such as  a baby mobile for the cot or baby stroller.  Baby mobiles come  in lots of different colors and with lots of different  characters and attachments, so if you are thinking of buying  one of these, check with the new parents first in case you  double up or end up buying the wrong type of baby mobile.

Baby mobiles are meant to stimulate the baby and many parents  will have done their research to find what they will consider  to be the best baby mobiles around!

Baby rattles, soft fabric baby books and cubes and keys that  can be used for teething later on, all make ideal baby toys  for the newborn – even though the baby won’t be “playing” with  these things just yet.

Baby Einstein Toys toys are extremely popular, probably because  this range of toys is best known for helping to promote music  appreciation and auditory development in babies.  A lot of  their toys play baby friendly versions of the classical  masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the  Baby Einstein Tunes.

Practical & Useful Newborn Baby Gifts

Remember that newborns don’t really do much.
They drink milk, soil a lot of nappies and sleep a lot.
So, buying lots of stimulating interactive toys might not be   the ideal solution although, like many people, you might   prefer to buy something for the baby when it is a few months   older.

Parents will have bought the basics such as a crib, pushchair, bedding for kids, baby bath, clothes and so on.

However, knowing that the cost of preparing for a baby’s   arrival can be quite high financially, any of the following   might make for good newborn gifts:

1)  Vouchers and gift cards – perfect because these give the   parents the option of buying anything they want

2)  Clothing – Buying clothes for an older age will be great.   For example, clothes aged from 3-6 months or older. Parents   will have focussed mainly on buying clothes for use in the   short term. Therefore, by buying bigger clothes, you will be   helping the parents later.

3)  Large and more expensive items – Sharing with other friends and family members and   contributing towards the larger and more expensive baby items  such as the cot, the wardrobe, pushchair, car seat would   really be helpful.  These items cost $100s of dollars and   therefore, if you can offer to help pay towards the cost of   this, I am sure the parents would be grateful. (We were!)

4) Nicer, more expensive clothing items – parents will have  spent so much money on the basics (crib, basic baby clothes,  car seat etc) that they no longer have money to spent on the  “niceties”. Buying a pretty dress or a smart outfit for  boys..makes for a lovely gift.
Baby Aspen are a baby gift retailers and they  specialise in a huge range of pretty and practical gifts for  newborns and babies.

5) Keepsakes and mementos – gift items such as an engraved   photo album, or engraved silver toothboxes (for baby’s first   tooth) and so on are gifts that will be kept by the parents   for years to come.  They won’t help in the short term but are   nice reminders for the baby when he grows up.

6) Nursery bedding and blankets – Nursery bedding is something  that new parents will need and you could offer to buy some of  this. A practical gift but so needed too!  Baby blankets and  snuggle sacks are cute and practical too and make an ideal  gift.

Best Gifts To Buy Friends New Born Baby

Again, it depends on how well acquainted you are with your  friends.  Something nice and pretty, such as a Baby Aspen gift, whether it is a 5 piece gift set or 3 Piece Golf Layette  Set, or the Baby M.D Two-Piece Layette set – all make for the  perfect gift items for friends’ baby.

If you are buying for really good friends that you have known  for years and are very comfortable with, then offering to pay  towards the cost of the larger and more expensive nursery  furniture or baby strollers, would be a good gesture.  You can   contribute towards the needed and more practical things that  a baby needs.

If you are wondering what to gift to parents of a newborn  baby, then you might want to consider these practical and much  needed baby items:

  • Clothes
  • Blankets
  • Baby car seat
  • Crib/Bassinet
  • Bath tub
  • Diapers and wipes


Newborn Online Gift

Buying gifts online is a very easy way to do your baby gift  shopping and you will probably find much more choice and  variety than you would offline, when you visit a store at a  time.

The baby gift market is booming online and you will definitely   be able to find the right gifts to buy for a new born baby if  you shop online.

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