Music In Motion Roller Coaster

Step2 Music in Motion Roller Coaster

Music In Motion Roller CoasterBring the thrill and excitement of the theme  parks into your home all year around with this new Music in  Motion Roller Coaster ride from Step2.

Everyone loves the fun of amusements with all the fast and  furious rides it has. For babies and very young children,  amusement parks can be slightly off limits until children are a  certain height.

The recommended age for this ride is children from the age of 9  months up to 3 years (up to a maximum weight of 35 lbs).

For a 9 month old, this is the safest way to let them experience  the thrill of amusement park rides in the comfort of your own  home.

This might not be the first toy that comes to mind when you are thinking of suitable baby toys for your child, but it will most definitely be one of the toys that your baby loves the most!

21 feet of track that contains 2 hills and 6 flat sections means  that your little one will have a lovely ride.

Kids Love the Music In Motion Roller Coaster

The coaster car gently rides up and down the hills to music and  is not so fast that it will frighten little ones.

This is more of a gentle paced kid’s ride and the element of  music is a nice little touch; in fact it plays 3 rock ‘n’ roll  songs!

This kids roller coaster ride can be used indoors and outdoors.

Moms and dads, you need not worry that this toy is going to ruin  your furniture because the coaster car is only going around the  tracks and won’t bump into your doors or walls or furniture.

And a quick assembly time of 15 minutes or less will make both  parents and children happy.

Step2 Music In Motion Roller Coaster Battery

This roller coaster comes with a seat belt, 6-volt  battery, recharger and two AA batteries are included.  Adult supervision is required at all times.

The battery charge lasts for quite a long time with some parents claiming that if they charge the coaster  for about 14 hours their children can use the Music in Motion roller coaster for about 4 to 5 days at around 30-45 minutes per day.

Also, because this unit uses a a rechargeable battery, you won’t be paying out for new batteries all the  time.

With 21ft of track, you need to ensure you have the  appropriate space in your house to easily accomodate  the roller coaster track.

You also need to ensure that the area around the  roller coaster is clear of toys and clutter as well.  This is recommended in the event that your little one  comes off the roller coaster.  Your child is not in  danger of hurting themselves, because the roller  coaster car is quite low and the car travels at a very  slow and gentle 1.5 mph.  However, if you have any  sharp objects or toys on the floor, then these may  dangerous if your child fell off and landed on one of these.

You also need to check that your child won’t bump his head on any surface (if you place this too close to a wall, for example).

All in all this is a very durable toy and you will get   great use out of it. It might seem pricey, and it is  but over time, and with so much use and fun – you will  consider this well worth the extra cost.

If you feel that this Motion Roller Coaster might not be quite the thing you were looking for, you may want to consider the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo which is a musical toy train (not for your child to ride on) or the Bounce and Spin Zebra which can actually be mounted.

The Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical table is another popular musical and learning toy for your children and can be used by toddlers who can stand up, or it can be placed flat on the floor so that your baby can look it it whilst sitting up.

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