The Importance of Musical Toys For Babies and Toddlers

image for The Importance of Musical Toys For Babies and ToddlersMusical toys are great for infants and young toddlers  alike. In the first instance, musical toys can both  distract and also soothe children.  You have probably seen  countless babies wailing away and when shown something  that emits a musical note, the baby is suddenly distracted  and becomes instantly interested. Music, depending on the  type of music played, can also be soothing and calming. Listening to music can help with your baby’s development.

Many children’s cot toys, emit noises resembling those of  a waterfall, or water falling or waves lapping on the  shore. This is because these sounds are soothing and help  your baby to gently unwind.  The intention is that these  noises will help your baby get to sleep without much  intervention from the parents.

Toys such as baby mobiles are really popular and many of these have tunes and lullabies that they play.

If you are not sure what types of musical toys to get for your little ones, this basic guide to choosing toys for babies might be useful.

Classical music is quite common for baby toys, with toys  such as the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube and Baby Einstein  Take Along Tunes being popular toys for infants aged 1 or  thereabouts.

The Munchkin Mozart Cube is an interactive cube that  combines a variety of sounds to create 8 Mozart  masterpieces. It comes with sounds such as the French  horn, flute, violin and harp all of which will be new to a  baby’s ear and extremely stimulating sounds to hear.

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is designed in the  shape of a the colorful Baby Einstein caterpillar and  offer 7 high quality classical tunes thereby effectively  promoting auditory development and music appreciation from  a very young age.

For more stimulating engagement, there are plenty of  musical toys that are loud and raucous and let out a  variety of sounds and noises, all designed to capture your  baby’s attention full blast and make all adults want to  put their fingers in their ears!

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