Toys to Stimulate Your Baby

Toys for babies are more than just play items. They can have the potential to develop your baby’s continuously growing mind and to stimulate your baby’s senses.

The first months and years of a baby’s life are a very important time as they lay the foundation for helping your baby realize his or her full potential.

Toys to stimulate and enhance your baby’s senses and emotional development

Play gyms, activity gyms, play nests – these words all relate to one item, that is a firm favourite with babies from newborn up to about 12 months.
Often decorated with well known and lovable characters, Winnie-the-Pooh, tigger, Eyore, zoo animals, etc – they can consist of detachable, hanging parts such as animals, or other characters, some come with bright twinkling lights and bells and other make funny sounds, or musical sounds, and some even do both.

Baby mobiles are a a much loved toy and perfect to keep little ones entertained as they lie in their crib.

Seek out toys that feed your baby’s curiosity, toys to excite your baby’s senses and toys that stimulate your baby’s sight and hearing.

On many baby toys you often find mirrors attached somewhere – this is so that baby gets to find
and see its own reflection, and crinkly, soft, scrunchy textures for baby to touch, squeeze and
stroke. All of this is extremely important for developing young minds.

Babies are like a sponge, they are ready to absorb whatever information they can – and boy – they can’t grasp it fast enough!
We have sought out some of the finest in developmental toys, and just plain toys for fun too, from high calibre brands such as Fisher Price, Tiny Love, vTech and Brio.

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