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Vtech Move & Crawl Ball

click here to buy the Vtech Move & Crawl BallIf your little one is around the age of 6 months or more, then this Vtech Move &  Crawl ball is one of those great toys that help baby to crawl.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to buy anything in order to get your baby to start  crawling. And, you don’t want to force your child to start crawling before he or she is  ready either.

You can tell when your baby is ready because one day, all of a sudden you realize  that they are not where you placed them! They have moved to a different part of the  floor.  And then you see that movement where they push off with their hands usually  going in the backwards direction before they move forward.

It’s a very special  moment in their life, for them as well as for you the parents.

How To Encourage Baby To Crawl

We found the best way for us was to keep placing toys just out of reach of our  baby. So, with our daughter, she had to stretch out and push herself forward in  order to reach her bright yellow Teletubbies doll, Lala.

You can use the same, find toys that your baby already finds captivating and keep placing them just out of your baby’s reach.

If your baby’s toys are soft toys and therefore might not motivate your little one to reach forward and grab them, then you may want to use something that has lights, bells and whistles to catch your little’s ones attention.

The Vtech ball is motorized which means it will move along making noises as well as  animal sounds and because it is so eye-catching, your baby will want to move  forward to catch it.  Of course, with the ball being too big for your baby to clasp  it properly, as soon as they reach the ball they will push it further out of their  reach, so each time your baby manages to catch up with the Vtech ball, she will  have pushed it further along. Furthermore, this is a safe baby toy and is age appropriate for children as young as 6 months.

In this way, you are encouraging your baby to crawl.

It’s a great idea and one that won’t feel like much work for the baby because they  are in hot pursuit of the bright and colorful, noise making ball.

A Great Electronic Learning Toddler Toy

As well as encouraging your toddler to become mobile, this toy introduces your  youngster to animal names and shapes and numbers.  We always like it when a toy can  double up in functions and this one certainly fits the bill and it definitely is a toy that helps stimulate your baby.  It will help your  child to start to crawl as well as being one of their firsteducational learning  toys.  Another toy you might be interested in, if you are specifically looking for stimulating, interactive and learning toys for your youngster is the Learn and Groove Musical table by Leapfrog.

The next stage is when it gets a little bit more exciting and your baby starts learning to walk.

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