Why Babies & Parents Love Play Gyms So Much

Play gyms are a firm favorite with babies and parents  alike.

For babies, the bright shining lights, loud sounds and  moving parts of an activity gym present the baby with a  rich collection of noises and sights to see. Things they  wouldn’t see in their everyday world so far, which, let’s  face it probably only consists of close ups of mommy and  daddy and assorted friends and family.

Loud whistles and screeching noises, animal noises, fire  engine sirens and musical notes give a wonderful  collection of different symphonies and sounds that are new  to the baby’s ear.  As a result this stimulates your young  baby’s brain as he starts to get accustomed to these new  sounds and noises.

The same goes for the moving parts of activity gyms.  Whether they are animals with black and white spiral  striped umbrellas or flashing lights that come on when  something is pressed, the cause and effect motion that  comes with many of these toys is all the more challenging,  surprising and fun for new babies and even those who have  been playing with these gyms for a few months!

The predictability element then teaches babies that  whenever you press this button, the light goes on. Or  whenever you press button B, it makes a sound like a farm  animal. Your child will go from learning sounds that are  new to being able to predict what happens next when a  certain action is performed.

So, you can see that these activity gyms for babies offer  so much for growing minds with their multi-sensory play  opportunities.  Babies love baby mobiles too and can happily spend a long time watching the baby mobiles gently spinning above their crib, listening to the musical tunes and lullabies and watchin the characters spinning around.

Many parents start playing with activity gyms for babies  at around the age of 4 months.  Some start earlier, even  at 2 months. Although your baby cannot roll from side to  side, or lift its head up at this age, the activity gym  serves as a great plaything for a little baby lying on its  back and having plenty to entertain him with an activity  gym hanging up above him or her.  This is also a good way  of keeping the baby amused and entertained and gives mommy  some time to herself.

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