Witty Doodle Canvasses, Prints, and Wall Stickers

As moms and dads know, toys are some of the first and most important objects their kids are introduced to. Toys help toddlers, babies, and little ones learn to relate to the world, and they often become cherished parts of their childhood with lifelong memories.

Now there are even products that not only help young children learn about the world and entertain them for hours, they actually help their brains develop and learn better.

Witty Doodle – a company created by two mothers in collaboration with a children’s book illustrator and a child psychologist – provides delightful products to help promote development of baby’s thinking, concentration, curiosity and interest.

Witty Doodle makes attractive nursery art a tool for parents to help baby’s mind grow, with products like Little Picasso canvasses and prints, and Little Journey repositionable wall stickers.

nursery_wall_art_woodpecker_nursery_canvas (1)

Witty Doodle canvasses and prints are large, attractive pieces designed to encourage brain, vision and overall development in babies and infants. These charming art pieces use colours, shapes and patterns to spark imagination, improve attention span, and nurture natural curiosity.  They’re detachable from the wall so they can be repositioned, moved from room to room, or taken along if a family relocates.

Little Journey wall stickers are wall-safe and repositionable, so parents can change their arrangements as often as they like – to invent charming new stories along with their children and create lifelong happy memories. They include shapes and colours and cuddly characters that are fascinating for newborns to toddlers. Little Journey wall stickers are made from a durable child-safe fabric, so they’re safe for both children and wall finishes.

Interior of nursery.

Both products are designed in collaboration with child psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer to be a cherished part of a child’s environment, fostering parent-child bonds while helping growing young minds develop to their full potential.

All of the Witty Doodle products – along with stories from parents, blog posts, and the thoughtful rationale behind their creation – are available at WittyDoodle.co.uk.

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