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Best Pre-School Scooter: Mini Kick Scooter

Click here to buy the Mini Kick Scooter
Mini Kick Scooter

This toy is the Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Award Seals

The Mini Kick Scooter is an ideal and high quality choice when it comes to scooters for children. Its highly acclaimed design makes it a popular item for parents who are looking for cool scooters for their kids (ages 3 to 5) to play with. What makes this model different is its lean-and-steer mechanism, which allows for greater flexibility and heightened entertainment for your kids. They will literally love using this scooter to play in the front yard of your house, or they can ride it during picnics and outdoor activities.

A great feature of the Mini Kick Scooter Blue is the Italian-made wheels. Those wheels are especially designed to provide for a smooth and quiet ride. Now your children can play with a scooter without disturbing you or any person who might be needing peace and quiet. Both parents and children will surely benefit from the convenience of the Italian-made wheels.

The build and body of this scooter is very strong, durable and stable. This is a convenient and reliable feature because it ensures the safety of your child. You don’t have to worry about the scooter giving way to your child’s weight because the deck has enough space to accommodate both feet. In short, this scooter model is absolutely safe for your child to use, and it will give him many years of worthwhile childhood fun.

What users love about this item is the fact that it is made by Microstore, a Swiss company that is known for durability and using strong raw materials. Other parents also like the fact that the Mini Kick Scooter gives children better flexibility when it comes to making sharp turns and abrupt movements.  One little disadvantage of this model, however, is that the brake tends to break if it is pushed upward instead of downward. You should instruct your kids to push the brakes down toward the tire to avoid irreparable damage.

It’s a great scooter because it’s easy for your child to learn and get used to. Despite the fact that this scooter only has three wheels, it is easier to maneuver and control than most standard four wheeled beginner scooters. The design itself looks great. Kids definitely love to have a toy that they can be proud of, and this scooter is ideal for any child who loves to ride. All in all, this item is absolutely a good buy and it is highly recommended to parents and kids.

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