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Kick scooters are cool and adults can enjoy them as well as kids.  Did you hear that moms and dads?  No more sneaking around your little kid’s scooter trying to snag a little ride on one.

Sure, these things are FUN and its no wonder adults find these a quick and easy way to get around.

In effect, a kick scooter is powered by humans and requires no gas, no electric only pure human effort to ride and glide.

The types of kick scooters you will find today tend to have two small hard wheels, most are made from aluminium and many of them will fold away for convenience.

Homemade Kick Scooters
Not that we would advise you make one of your own but people have been known to fabricate their own kick scooters by putting roller skate wheels onto a flat board and attaching some sort of handle to it, in order to facilitate steering.

Kick Scooters for Kids
Kick scooters for kids are a popular choice for parents who want to encourage their kids to get exercise whilst also getting around. They are ideal for getting to school and back, as long as mom or dad is around  to supervise. Park visits and playing in the yard is both fun and a good way of getting healthy when you have a kids kick scooter to hand.

Alternatively, for young children a Strider prebike might be a good alternative to a kick scooter or even a three-wheeled tricycle which provides good balance and support.  For a real different way of getting around, a combination of skateboarding and a kick-scooter is what you get with the cool Ripstick Caster board.

Kick Scooters for Adults
Kids can’t have all the fun and accordingly, kick scooters for adults have sprung up too. Razor kick scooters seem to be a popular choice and well known brand for adult kick scooters.
The company has successfully managed to combine cutting-edge technology, adherence to strict safety standards and the use of high-quality materials and come up with a super range of adults kick scooters.

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