Razor A Kick Scooter

Who Makes Razor Scooters?

Razor A Kick ScooterIf you’ve never seen or heard of any Razor kick scooters, Pocket  Rockets or Dune Buggies, or even heard of a company called Razor  – where have you been this last decade?

RazorUSA is based in California, in a place called Cerritos and  is renowned for making kick scooters. You know, those cool, hip  and trendy little scooters for kids and adults scoot around in.  Electric scooters, Kick scooters, Dune Buggies, Go-Kart and  Pocket Rockets are just a part of their ever growing product  line.

Originally the Razor scooter was created as a cheap means of  transport for getting around for a factory in Taiwan.
A visiting official from another company saw one of these  scooters and immediately realised the potential of the JD  Scooter, as it was originally known.

The scooter first became a huge hit in Japan, and then  wholesalers started importing the scooter into the United  States.

Carlton Calvin, the founder of RazorUSA, was at that time making  and selling miniature skateboards across the US. He saw the  Razor scooter and made the wise decision (and was lucky enough  to be in the position) of becoming a distributor for the JD  Razor.

Demand for Razor scooters has gone through the roof globally and  the company known today as RazorUSA was created.

In 2000, the original A model Razor kick scooter was a huge hit  and everyone, from kids, adults  (including businessmen) and  celebrities  was talking about this cool little mode of  transport.

The Razor Kick Scooter was one of the most talked-about and  wished for item of that year. It was definitely one of the best  selling items in 2000 and was a proud winner of the pretigious  Toy of the Year award given out by the Toy Industry Association.

So popular and well-known has this little scooter become that it  is part of everyday American like in the same vein as  skateboards and bikes.

Easy, convenient, cool and nifty, the Razor Kick Scooter is a  great way of getting about, for everyone and anyone.

RAZOR – Cool Razor Scooters, Razor Go-Karts & Dune Buggies
RazorUSA manufacture and sell different makes and models of mini  kick scooters and electric scooters.

Razor Kick Scooters

This product line features the following:
A5 Lux
Folding Kiddie Kick
Hello Kitty
Lil’ Kick
Pro Model
Spark DLX
Sweet Pea A
Sweet Pea Cruiser
Ultra Pro
Wild Style

Electric Scooters

Products in this range are:
Sweet Pea E100
Sweet Pea E300S

Electric Ride Ons

The products in the ride ons range include the following:
Dirt Quad
Dune Buggy
Ground Force
Ground Force Drifter
Pocket Mod
Pocket Rocket
Sweet Pea Pocket Mod

Caster Driven
Products in this range include:
PowerWing DLX
RipRider 360
Sweat Pea PowerWing


Razor combines cuttine-edge technology with high-quality  materials and stricy safety standards to create a product that  will inspire and excite riders everywhere.

If your children are very young and haven’t yet quite gotten a sense of balance, you’ll be better off looking at a Strider pre-bike or a pre-school mini kick scooter.  For a 3-wheeled, option, the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle has nice big wheels and good support for children.

Its products are well-made, have become extremely popular and  are now entrenched in Americal culture. As a company, Razor has  become a highly trusted and respected brand and is in innovative  industry leader.

You can find out more about RazorUSA here.

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