Building with Lego

Exploring Places & Situations With Lego

Building with Lego Lego and their many Lego creator sets and buildings provide your child with the opportunity to explore so  many different places and situations that they  might not yet have visited in real life.

From that perspective, Lego is highly educational  and has so much to offer young children in so many  ways:

1) Learn to follow instructions, have  patience, use their hands to build and create  beautifully detailed buildings

2) Use their imagination to act out roles and  scenarios

Children really love to play with toys that are  tiny versions of their real worlds.

If they have small life versions of objects and  people that they are used to seeing in their  everyday life, your children will love playing out  these roles (and you might even hear them picking  up on and using your words) whilst doing so.

For instance the Lego City Corner set has a  3-story pizzeria and a pizza maker flipping a  pizza. There’s also a boy on a skateboard riding to  a skateboard shop.  With accessories such as a fire  hydrant, potted plants and street lamps, a bus, a  mechanic and a big city bus…your kids have so  much opportunity to play act with the characters.

Some of the Lego creator sets are quite  complex and not for small children to build by  themselves, sets such as the Lego Creator Grand Emporium and  the Lego Create Cafe Corner but if you help your kids  put these Lego sets together you will get to spend  some quality time with your child and also create  an object of beauty in the process.

Your child might not visit a place that is as  opulent as both of the buildings above, especially the Grand Emporium which has the ambience of the 50s, but you can talk about it  whilst building it and your child will get a lot  out of that.

If you have never made a Lego building before, you  are in for a delightful surprise, as this buildings  have an incredible amount of detailing and are an  object to admire.  Many Lego collectors are avid fans of these building sets and buy new sets as soon as they are released.

Why Is Lego So Timeless?

Lego toys are timeless, ageless and one of the very  few toys that have spanned so many generations.  There are grandparents now who played with Lego  themselves when they were young and now their  grandchildren are playing with Lego too.

We think that part of the appeal of Lego is that it  is not just “one kind of toy”. By its very virtue,  Lego are just bricks and building blocks and hence,  by themselves they don’t do very much.  But what  Lego does, and does beautifully, is give you the  idea, or hope or potential to see that pile of  bricks and turn it into an object of beauty.

So, its not like having a certain action figure or  doll that you play with but after a few weeks, your  child gets bored.  Lego can be built up and then  taken down again and built up again.  There is this  element of re-creating and as well as the  construction side of it, Lego then gives you the  chance to play with the item you just built.

So, whether it is Lego Pirates Imperial Ship or Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge both of which come with lots of Lego accessories,  your children can have hours of play acting out scenes from  pirate films.

Similarly, the Lego sets such as the Kingdoms King’s Castle where the king and his  castle must be defended from the enemies, or the  Medieval Market Village where you get to see  how life in the local village market would have  been in the olden days – would ignite so much  creativity in your kids.

We believe that Lego is an all round toy and a  timeless classic that will be around for many years  to come.

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