Hubelino is a type of marble run system

Hubelino Marble Run Review

Hubelino Marble Run is one of the most popular marble runs among kids and parents today, and this is for a good reason. If you are looking for great toys for your little ones, this is something that definitely deserves in your list of options. 

What is Hubelino? 

In case you don’t know it, Hubelino is a type of marble run system, which is perfectly compatible with Lego Duplo. Hubelino as well as Lego Duplo both share the same general principle. This means that the building blocks of these two systems can fit together flawlessly. Lego Duplo can be used for building your Hubelino foundation. You can also build your Hubelino marble run on your existing Lego Duplo building.

The building blocks from Hubelino (Slovenian shop, Croatian shop) are plastic-made and stuck together on top of one another to build any structure or form you have in mind. These are available in different sizes and you can combine them any way you want. 

Hubelino is a type of marble run system
Hubelino – Set of 12 beads

Blocks are also basic and simple, making them endlessly variable. These blocks can be used for building the marble run’s foundation. 

You can also build an actual marble run on top of the building blocks with the use of the run elements. The run elements themselves also come in various shapes and sizes and these can be used for practically endless combinations. 

Your imagination and creativity are the only limits here as well as the number of run elements and building blocks you have. 

Company, Manufacturing, and Material

Hubelino, a German family business, has been in operation since 2008. On the other hand, the Hubelino marble run was first launched back in 2013. This is probably the reason why it is not as popular as other marble runs you can find in the market today. 

According to the company, the elements of their marble run are exclusively manufactured in Germany. The whole process, starting from design, to production up to packaging, happens in the country.

Hubelino Marble Run

They added that this fact is the strength of their company. There might be lots of plastic-made marble runs but only a handful can be considered good. 

The expertise of the company can be clearly seen in the production of the plastic parts. The managing director and founder also happens to be the managing director of the company that supplies the plastic parts for different technical applications such as industrial machines and engines. 

ABS plastic is exclusively used in the production, with Lego Duplo and Lego made of similar high-quality material. ABS plastic is associated with many benefits, mainly in terms of resilience and longevity. This material is recyclable, too. It means that imperfect and defection parts can still be used again after graining. 

All products from the company are mechanically and chemically tested by Hamburg-based Bureau Veritas. They comply with all the international guidelines implemented for toys.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are necessary to build your marble run’s foundation. If you have existing building blocks from Lego Duplo, you can just use these or you can combine both systems. This is among the reasons why parents and kids alike love the brand. You can use an entire world of Lego Duplo with all building blocks, accessories, and structures. Just add several run elements and you will be good to go with your own marble run.

Hubelino are plastic-made and stuck together on top of one another to build any structure

Just make sure that you don’t underestimate the number of building blocks required for your marble run, particularly if you have plans to build a large one. 

Building blocks from the brand that comes in the different sets are mainly white. This is great because it means that you can spot them with ease. A foundation completely in white also looks amazing. However, if you don’t really appreciate the white color, you can always get more colors in the run elements, such as blue, yellow, green, and red. 

Run Elements

Run elements make up the marble run. The marbles are going to run in these blocks. There are numerous sets with numerous combinations of these elements. All elements come in four colors, namely green, blue, yellow, and red. The colors are actually similar to the colors of Lego Duplo.

Hubelino marble run was first launched back in 2013

Expansions and Additional Elements 

The additional elements are very important and offer tons of fun. These are awesome if you wish to form more complex runs or if you simply like to add a touch of something different. 

These elements are of good quality. They are solid, robust, fit perfectly, and most importantly, they work. These additional elements come in orange color. The choice of color is quite a bold one but the good news is that it lets you spot them easily.

Hubelino Marble Run Expansions Twister Catapult Cradle Chute Duplo Compatible

These additional elements are not part of the normal sets. Instead, you have to purchase them separately. 

If you got the run elements, building blocks, additional elements, Duplo figures, Lego Duplo blocks, or anything else, you can start building anything you want, from the tiniest marble run, up to the largest marble city you can imagine. 

Once again, the only limit here is your patience, creativity, and of course, the number of elements and blocks you got available. 

What Makes Hubelino Great?

  • This is completely Lego Duplo-compatible. All elements fit seamlessly together. You need to inspect the blocks closely just so you can distinguish one from the other. 
  • Expansions are endless and you can add more run elements, building blocks, and additional elements. New possibilities and new sets are there. You can go bigger, more complex, and more creative. This grows together with your child. 
  • It is robust, solid, washable, almost non-breakable, and there are almost no signs of wear and tear. Kids can use this for a very long time even after they outgrow it. 
  • The toy is made in Germany in sustainable manufacturing and is eco-friendly. 

Needless to say, Hubelino Marble Run is one of those toys in the market that will give delight to kids of all ages and even their parents. This is a good value for money that will make it a great buy for so many exciting reasons.

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