click here to buy Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

click here to buy Lego Castle Medieval Market VillageThis beautifully designed classic Castle Medieval  Market Village from Lego is an authentic looking set  full of accessories, animals, shops and carts and  much more.

You actually get a real feel for what a real  medieval market village would have been like, based  on this set, because it has been very well thought  out and has many nice features and touches.

As well as building the set, both you and your kids  will have a lot of fun playing with the finished  piece and there is a lot of scope for acting out  scenes and play-acting.

If you are an avid Lego set collector, then you will  already be aware of how stunning these finished  pieces look and the amazing attention to detail that  comes with each set, whether it is the Lego Create Cafe Corner, the Grand Emporium, the Lego Creator Beach House or the other Lego City & Creator sets that are available.

With the Medieval Market Village, you will get:

  • 8 minifigures: Blacksmith, 2 soldiers, 2 male  peasants, 2 female peasants and a boy minifigure
  • 2 complete buildings with detailed interiors
  • a blacksmith’s shop with waterwheel-driven hammer
  • a food stand
  • table
  • cart
  • cows, chicken, rooster, duck
  • baskets of fish, apples and flowers

click here to buy the Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

Not only that but the Market Village features many  authentic touches, especially in the interiors such  as fireplaces, dressing tables, working doors,  pictures, windows and more.

Although this set already comes with lots of minifigures and accessories, you can always get more by buying the Lego Community Miniature Set which comes with 256 more characters and extras such as food and animals. (Although the laptop and backpack accessories might seem from the wrong era)!

The waterwheel on the blacksmiths shop actually  drives a hammer on the inside and this in turn hits  a sword on a forge!  In addition, the houses can be displayed open or closed.

Two Buildings In This Medieval Market Village

This set actually comes with 2 classically designed  buildings.  There is one yellow building which  houses the stables and the blacksmith’s shop as well  as his home upstairs.

The other building is blue and is a very  classical-looking European styled building with a  cozy tavern on the first floor and an equally warm  and welcoming bedroom on the topmost floor.

Note: The manufacturer’s recommended age for this  Lego set is from 12 to 20 years.  This set has a lot  of Lego pieces (1,601) and some of them are very  small.

If there is one negative aspect to this set it was  that the Lego bags were not numbered, which made it  a little more difficult sifting through trying to  find the pieces you needed. However, some people  actually liked this extra element of difficulty!

Whether you want to buy this for yourself or for  another Lego fan, whether you want to build and play  with it today or keep this as a collectible in years  to come, one thing is for sure: this is a  beautifully designed Lego set, rich with intricate  detail and full of authentic touches and one of the  best sets Lego has ever made.

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