Lego City Sets & Lego Creator Sets

Lego city sets consist of buildings and places (with  people and automobiles) that you will see in every day  life.

Some of the popular and best-selling Lego City Sets  are:


  • Lego City Corner
  • Lego City Camper
  • Lego City MiniFigure Collection
  • Lego City Police Helicopter
  • Lego City Garage
  • Lego City Small Car

and many many more.

The range is comprehensive and Lego are always adding  to it and coming out with new City Sets made from  Lego.

You will notice that the Lego sets are heavily reliant  on places, such as the City Garage, or City Corner as  well as cars and helicopters.  Their collection of  minifigures is brilliant, especially the Community  Minifigure Set which contains 256 pieces, many of  which are rare and unique figures as well as  accessories.  Here you will find everyday community  super heroes such as members of the police force,  doctors, nurses, postmen, mechanics and teachers.

In order to encourage and provide for a child’s  ever  growing imagination, you will also find many  accessories such as food, a laptop, a bike and animals   and so forth.

Just day to day people and aspects from everyday life.

In the Lego City Sets that feature “places”, such as  the Lego City Corner, your child will have plenty of  scope for imaginative and creative play with the hub  bub of busy everyday city life: a pizza baking, a bus  arriving, a boy on his skateboard.

With 483 pieces, your children have plenty of  opportunity to recreate the world of their dreams.

Lego City Sets Represent Real Life Settings

Lego appeals to young and older children because they  actually create something from lots of little pieces  of Lego. This aspect of creation is both inspiring and  challenging to young minds and gives them a sense of  achievement and pride in the end product.

The other aspect of having Lego City Sets is that they  are representational toys.

Using the different Lego City sets for play gives your  children the chance to act out real-life scenarios by  using pretend people and settings. Using make believe  also provides them with a great opportunity for  enriching their language as well as giving your child  to express his or her emotions about the different  life experiences that are being acted out.

This is an excellent tool for playing and learning  through play and your child won’t even realize that he  is “learning”.

Whether you buy the Lego City Tank Truck, City Corner, Lego City Airport or Lego Police Station, you have a new  set of scenarios and pretend people and each brings  with it a new set of vocabulary.

Lego Creator Sets

Lego Creator sets are similar to the Lego City Sets’ range of building kits but the creator sets feature
a building or vehicle to create. Often, the detailing  on these Creator sets is amazing, for instance the  Lego Creator House is a modern country home with an  apple tree outside, a satellite dish on the roof, a  basketball net in the backyard, a lawnmower, a working  mail box with letters inside, opening front and garage  doors, a water tap in the garden and lots more!

You can even get Harry Potter Lego sets as  well!

Other Lego creator sets include:

  • Lego Creator Log Cabin
  • Lego Creator Helicopter
  • Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop
  • Lego Ferocious Creatures


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