Lego Miniature Figure set

Lego Community Miniature Figure Set – 256 Pieces

Lego Miniature Figure setThe Lego Community Miniature Figure set is a  comprehensive Lego kit that contains of 256 rare and  unique pretend figures and accessories.

Suitable for age 4 and upwards, this LEGO Community Miniature Figure Set With 256 Pieces set will provide your children with brightly  colored and realistic looking characters that  represent real life people and places. Imagine the hours of fun and creative play they will have with this rich and varied set of pretend people.

Lego Sets With Realistic Play People

This Lego community set features all manner of  characters that your child might see in the real world from doctors and nurses, policemen, postmen, car  mechanics and more.

It also has lots of Lego food pieces, animals and  features day to day items such as a laptop and a bike.

Imagine the scope for building and creating lots of  different everyday settings. Imagine the opportunity  for developing and enhancing the language and vocabulary of your 4 year old.

There is a huge wide assortment of people and  accessories for general Lego sets, you have everyday  people here and lots of food and animals too.

In addition there is also a nice mix of male and  female mini figures here which is a great help because  inevitably, if you have sons and daughters, chances  are that they will want lots of characters for  themselves. Boys will tend to want male characters and girls will most likely want female characters.

You don’t get enough pieces when you buy a  Lego building set, so a set full of Lego community  figures is a good way of increasing your Lego  characters.

Many children seem to have the most fun by creating  new mini figures from mixing up the different parts of  the characters they get in the Lego community  miniature sets.

You can put different hats or heads of hair on  different bodies.

Lego Miniature Sets Expand Your Existing Lego Sets

The beauty of these Lego miniature sets is that they  give another lease of life to the existing Lego  building sets that you may already have.

New characters liven up a community and bring a breath of fresh air to the place and so it is with these  Lego minifigures.

Your children will have hours of enjoyment just from creating new scenarios and events with these new  characters. These miniature figures can give a breath of fresh air to Lego sets such as the Lego Shuttle Adventure, the Lego Castle Medieval Market Village and the Lego Create Cafe Corner set.

Even the Lego Creator Beach House could do with some new family and friends figures to come and stay!

With Lego, the possibilities are endless.

Your child can act out different situations. Your  children can play together, taking on the roles of  different characters and respond and react to one another.

Open up a whole new world of adventure for your child  and introduce them to new words and situations that  they may not yet have experienced for themselves, for  example, a visit to the car mechanic at the garage to  get a car fixed.

The Lego Community Set Does Not Feature Any  Building Sets

This set consists of Lego minifigures only and has a  great mix of male and female characters as well as  some cool accessories that these characters might  have.

Not, however, that this set does NOT have any  buildings or vehicles or street corners or cafe to  create and can be used in conjunction with some of the  other Lego Creator sets or Lego  City Sets.

Note: you don’t have to have a Lego set in order to be  able to play with this Lego Mini figure set and many  children can quite happily play for hours with just  the “pretend people”. Children have lots of fun just  creating the characters and switching the parts around  and creating their own characters.


This LEGO set features indispensible people from  everyday life in the community such as :

  • Policemen
  • A  postman
  • Hospital staff
  • A fireman
  • Gardeners
  • Airport staff
  • A mechanic and many more.


The set also includes a variety of  accessories, such as food, animals, a laptop, a  bicycle and a backpack.

These contain unique and rare mini figures and  accessories that are perfect for helping your children  to create fairytale themes from their Lego sets.

This particular set comes with 227 pieces and due to  the small parts, is recommended for children from the  age of 4 upwards.

If your children love creating worlds full of:

  • Princesses
  • Queens
  • Cowgirls
  • Mermaids
  • Witches
  • Skeletons
  • Pirates
  • Soldiers
  • Snake charmers
  • Cowboys
  • Knights
  • Wizards

then this is the perfect Lego miniture set for you!


A Lego Miniature Set Is Cheaper Than Buying Individual Figures

At first glance a cost of $40+ for a Lego miniatures  set might seem a hefty price to pay considering that  you are getting tiny characters just to complement  your Lego building bricks.  However, Lego opens so  many creative windows for your children, that they can  create whatever their minds can conceive.

So, having  the ability to buy small Lego miniature packs to  complement your children’s Lego masterpieces, is a  good idea.

Also, buying in bulk like this works out cheaper than  buying individual Lego characters which can work out  at about $2 to $3 a piece.

Lego Buildings and Lego City Sets Still Need  People!

Whatever your children construct with their Lego sets  will be amazing, more so because it took vision and  hand and finger dexterity to create a building or a  setting from small Lego bricks.

However, what really brings a setting to life are the  characters.

Lego miniatures are a brilliant Lego accessory because  they really help your child bring their Lego set to  life.

You’ll find that once a Lego scene is built, you can  still get lots of play time out of it for your  children by letting them use their Lego minifigures to  indulge in creative play.

Lego Building Kits Never Seem To Have Enough  People

Another Lego miniatures set that is highly popular is Lego’s Education 9386 – Doors, Windows, & Roof Tiles Set

This is a set of 278 items that can be used to put the  finishing touches on your children’s Lego creations.
You get a huge variety of windows with shutters, roof  tiles and doors.  It may not sound like much but for  your children who love creating their Lego Police station or Lego Family Home buildings  and street settings, you can never have enough  windows, doors and roof tiles!

This set gives you more of those elements.

With so many pieces, the sky really is the limit when  it comes to the range of buildings and designs your  children can create.  Many parents find that having  extra design elements such as doors and windows  actually allows your children to become more creative  instead of just copying the Lego design on the box.

This is an excellent way of fuelling your children’s  imagination and encouraging them to come up with their  own designs.

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