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Lego Creator Family Home

click here to buy the Lego Creator Family Home The Lego Creator sets provide a fantastic opportunity  to build beautiful and detailed buildings from lots of  Lego pieces. This Lego Creator family home is no  exception with its beautifully detailed exterior that  includes carefully thought out touches such as a  French sliding door, flower box, awning, shutter and a  stone chimney.

All in all, this creator set features 976 pieces and  when the family home is fully assembled it measures 10  inches long by 9 inches tall.

Build 3 Lego Homes in 1

With this Lego creator set, you can create not just  one home but up to 3!  You can create:

  • a charming bungalow
  • a divine Mediterranean-influenced villa
  • a classic family home

all with great detailing.

Lego creator sets are great building toys and the end results are  absolutely breathtaking. The best feeling though, is  that of achievement when, having painstakingly  followed Lego instructions and carefully assembling  your home, brick by Lego brick, you finally end up  with a beautifully detailed building – now THAT is  breathtaking.

If you think about it, Lego is a great educational toy  as well. It teaches you to follow instructions which  is a great skill to learn.  Building with Lego also  brings into play your visualization and creative  skills as both of these are required when building  with Lego creator sets.

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