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LEGO Creator Grand Emporium

click here to buy Lego Creator Grand EmporiumAnother masterpiece from the collection of Lego Creator sets and what an amazingly detailed building it is too!

This is a 3-storey department store building that  has lots of intricate detailing and rare pieces, all  to scale and beautifully designed.

The Grand Emporium Creator set comes with so many detailed accessories, you will be amazed and delighted to find things such as:

  • mannequins in shop window displays
  • an ice cream stand
  • a busy window washer working
  • revolving doors
  • cash register
  • fitting room
  • ground floor clothing department with hats,  jewelry and perfume
  • brick built escalator carrying customers
  • 2nd floor house wares department with glassware  and golden plates
  • toy department on the top floor!
  • chandelier above the open atrium
  • billboard and skylight on the roof

If you wanted to add more characters and everyday features from normal life, you might want to look at the Lego Community Figures Miniature set which comes with 256 additional minifigures and accessories.

As you can tell, there is a great detail of thought  and design that has gone into creating the Grand  Emporium and it has the ambience of old buildings  rather reminiscent of the 30s through to the 50s.

click here to buy the Lego Grand Emporium

Amazing Detail On A Module Lego Building

Like most other creator sets by Lego, this set is  modular in design which means you can build each of  the floors in any order. You can do the same with the other modular Lego designs such as the Lego Creator Green Grocer, the Lego Beach House, the Lego Medieval Market Village or the Lego Police Station.

Given the level of detail required in putting this  Lego building together, its no surprise that this  set is intended for children aged 12 years and  upwards – and is great for adults too!


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