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Lego Creator Green Grocer

click here to buy the Lego creator green grocer setLego creator sets are a big hit with young and old, those new to Lego and those who are seasoned Lego collectors.  This Lego Creator Green Grocer is one of the favorites of these sets and has the most intricate details and design.

You can use this Lego creator set to expand your existing Lego neighborhood, perhaps by adding to your existing Lego Cafe Corner or Lego Market Street sets.

Or you can start a new neighborhood with this Green Grocer set.

What’s Inside the Lego Creator Green Grocer

As with other Lego Creator sets, this Green Grocer set has also been designed in a modular style which means that you can build parts of it instead of having to build the whole building in one go.

Containing 2352 pieces, this set comes with:

  • a lovely detailed architecture
  • a realistic interior
  • courtyard access
  • a fire escape
  • a roof terrace
  • lots of doors and windows
  • stairs leading up to the apartments and to the roof terrace
  • grocery store has: bread bins, vegetables, fruit, cash register, blue and white awning outside
  • apartments have bay windows, grandfather clock, fireplace with tools
  • roof terrace has chairs, umbrellas, grill and flowers
  • fire escape ladders move up and down
  • top 3 floors lift off to reveal inner rooms

As you can see, there is SO MUCH GOING ON with this Lego Green Grocer set!

The detail is unrivalled and you can let your imagination run riot as you design, create and build.

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