click here to buy Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship

Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship

click here to buy Lego Pirates Imperial FlagshipLego never stop over delivering and their highly  detailed Lego sets are marvelous feats of Lego  engineering.

The Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship is  one such building set, although this is not  intended for young kids and is recommended for  young adults aged 14 years and beyond.

Here you have a 1,664 piece set.

These are small, plastic Lego builds but the  accessories that come with them, the level of  detail and attention given to the finished product  is simply awe-inspiring.

There is so much to admire in this Imperial  Flagship that it is really difficult to know where  to start.

To begin with, aside from the Lego pieces that you  will build into a ship, you also get 9 mini figures which include the:

  • Ship’s captain
  • his daughter
  • a pirate captain prisoner in shackles
  • the ship’s cook
  • a lieutenant
  • 4 soldiers

On the actual ship itself, which is full of  authentic detailing and has some incredible  realistic looking features, you have 3 removable  sections.

click here to buy the Lego Pirates Imperial FlagshipThe Main hull contains:

  • 4 firing cannons
  • ammunition crates
  • muskets
  • torches
  • cannonballs
  • prison complete with rat
  • saw shark minifigure head
  • a moving rudder
  • fully-equipped ship’s kitchen with fish
  • turkey legs

With moving parts and the minifigures, there is so  much you can do….sure, kids aged 14 and above,  and adults might not go all out play acting but to  be able to arrange and re-arrange the characters  all around the ship is kind of interesting to do!

There is a working anchor which can be raised and  lowered. Also, the front deck has working doors  too.
If you open the back house deck’s doors, it will  reveal the captain’s chambers complete with a map,  an organ, a treasure chest filled to the brim with  jewels and gold, 6 opening windows, a telescope, 3  deck lanterns and a bottle of poison.

Can you see the level of detail here? Not just on  the actual ship itself but in the interiors too?


Note: This is a really huge ship when built out,  measuring about 3 feet long from tip to end and  about 2 feet tall from bottom to tip of the highest  mast.

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