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Lego Police Station

click here to buy the Lego Police StationAs far as building and construction toys goes,  Lego’s Police station building set is a hot  favorite with those that have bought and built it.

This product is highly rated on Amazon and has a 5-star rating.

Like the other intricate and detailed Lego sets,  such as the Lego Castle Medieval Market Village or the Lego Kingdom’s Kings Castle, this set comes with a lot of  pieces (783) and lots of accessories and detailing  that transform these Lego building bricks into a  magnificent structures to be admired once they have been properly assembled.

Lego Police Station 7498 Accessories

When you purchase the Lego Police Station set, you will also get the  following:

  • 4 police officers
  • police car
  • prisoner transport van
  • bicycle station
  • 2 robbers
  • a police dog
  • handcuffs
  • crowbar
  • dog kennel
  • an evidence room
  • a mug shot area
  • a secret compartment

click here to buy the Lego Police StationPutting the whole set together can take a good few  hours, depending on how many are building it and  how advanced you are. This Lego building set  contains lots of little pieces and therefore is  recommended for children aged 6 years and above.


However, we believe that even a 6 year old will  need some assistance in building the Lego police  station as it can be quite difficult to know where  all the pieces go, especially if you have never  built of the these larger and more intricate Lego  sets before.

Lego Police Station – Keeping Lego City Safe

Once your children have finished building the Lego  police station, there are so many possibilities for play. So many different scenes that can acted out.

For starters, you need to stop the prisoners from  escaping the police station through the pipe drain.

If it’s too late and the prisoners have escaped,  you have the police car at your disposal to chase  them down in. Then, using the police can, transport  the offenders back to the police station.

With a helicopter landing pad on the roof, a  command centre with computers, a garage for 2  vehicles, 2 jail cells and so many accessories,  your kids are going to be happily occupied for a long time with the Lego Police station.


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