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Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge

click here to buy Lego Queen Anne's RevengeFor some of the best building and construction  toys, look no further than the Lego building sets,  such as the Lego Police Station, Lego Grand Emporium or the Lego Family Home which are just some of the fascinating and incredible Lego building sets around.

Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge is another ship to build  from Lego and this set comes with 1097 Lego pieces.

There are 7 minifigures included, which are:

  • BlackBeard
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Angelica
  • a quartermaster
  • a chef
  • 2 pirate minifigures

And simply awesome accessories such as:

  • 3 cannons
  • fire
  • lanterns
  • detachable captain’s quarters

Basically, everything you need to recreate very authentic and real looking pirate  scenes.


The set is well thought out and the building  process is made simpler because you get 7 bags that  are all numbered from 1 through to 7, one for each  step. Even though there are over 1000 pieces, you  can see how this becomes an easy build because you  build the ship out a bit at a time.

There is so much detail on the ship that it simply  takes your breath away.

If there is one thing that buyers did not like  about this set it is that it has no upper deck as  you get with the Imperial Flagship which is much more  costly but absolutely awesome to both build and to  admire once it has been completed.

Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge Instructions

Lego collectors and builders will be happy to know  that the instructions for Queen Anne’s Revenge are  on a sheet of cardboard making this a much easier  way to refer to than having a manual or flimsy  piece of paper where you constantly forget which  bit of the instruction set you were up to.


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