Building With Lego

Lego Sets, Playmobil & Other Representational Toys

Building With Lego

Using Lego sets and other representational toys, such as action figures, soft and cuddly Pillow Pets toys and dolls encourage your children to use make believe a part of their play routine.

In doing this, your child gets to express himself and his feelings about real-life experiences. It is also a great opportunity for enriching their language and if you take part in their role-play as well, it might give you an insight into any problems or concerns your child might have.

Your child will probably start using make believe at any time from around the age of 2 years.  A toy animal or cuddly toy might be their little friend whom they talk to and take around with everywhere.

Igniting Your Child’s Imagination

Playmobil with its shiny big plastic pieces is great for young children and their sets have lots of accessories giving hours of enjoyment through play.  Your child can visit places, in his imagination whilst playing with these toys, that he might not be able to visit ordinarily. For example, Play Mobile has a Forest Lodge that comes with a lodge, farm animals, birds and a deer care center.

Although Lego isn’t recommended for children under the age of 3, you will find that for children aged 5 and above, the Lego building sets are an incredible source of role-playing scenarios.  With so many different types of Lego building sets available, there are so many different ones you can get depending on what your child is currently interested in.

First of all they will have to build out their Lego set, so this in itself require patience, imagination, hand-to-eye coordination and an element of skill, depending on which lego set you go for (some of these are quite advanced and recommended for children aged 14 and above). Once built, there are numerous opportunities for play-acting and further imaginative play.

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