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Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

click here to buy Melissa & Doug 60 Piece BlocksIf you’re looking for a building and construction toy set that will withstand constant play from a  toddler or 3-4 year old, and is great value for  money, then Melissa 7 Doug’s 60 Piece Standard Unit  Blocks might be the very thing you should check  out.

This toy is a far cry from the electronic and  hand-held gaming toys that seem to be so popular  with kids these day.

It is a simple wooden block building set that will help  improve your child’s hand to eye coordination and  gross motor skills as well as getting them to be  more creative in trying to think of new things to  build.

This wooden building set contains 60 blocks made  from 100% hardwoods and each block has smooth,  round edges. These are precision cut, standard  shaped, solid wooden blocks that are safe and well  made to a high-quality, as are all of the Melissa &  Doug products.

There are no fillers, paints or varnishes on these  wooden blocks.


click here to buy Melissa & Doug Wooden BlocksYour children will be occupied for ages with this  set and can try their hand at building whatever  their imaginations can conjure up for them.

If there is one downside to this building set, it  is that it is too heavy for very young kids to  carry and hence will require adult assistance.
These are ideally recommended for kids aged 3 years  and upwards.
Unlike plastic building blocks, the wooden blocks  are obviously a lot heavier, though highly durable.

Get Your Budding Architects & Designers to Create & Build

If your kids love to create and build, this 60  piece wooden set is the set to encourage them to do  so. Whether they build towers, houses, bridges,  roads, stairs and anything else they care to  imagine.  These wooden building sets are a great precursor to learning to build with Lego and Playmobil sets.


This wooden building set has it all and, as well as  stimulating creative thinking and helping to  improve your child’s basic motclick here to buy Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Blocks Woodenor skills, they are  an excellent tool for teaching math concepts,  organizational skills, sequential skills and  spatial relations.

In any case, don’t take our word for it.  Check out the reviews and get more information about this product by clicking on the links above.  One final word, this wooden block set packs away neatly into a tidy box and takes up minimal storage space too.




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