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Shake ‘N Go! Cars 2 Vehicles

click here to buy Shake 'n Go McQueenDisney/Pixar have done it again with another  blockbuster hit movie in “Cars 2”.

The Shake ‘N Go vehicles in this range all come  from the funny Cars 2 film.

Fans all over the world will see Lightning McQueen  meet up with his old buddies at Radiator Springs and  especially his best friend Mater.  The movie takes  them through the heady heights of Paris, Japan and  London as they take part in the World Grand Prix at  each of these locations – with various mishaps and  lots of funny moments along the way! Your children will love taking part in a Cars 2 car race.

Meet cool-talking and sophisticated Finn  McMissile and his clever and feisty assistant Holley  Shiftwell.  Lovable old Mater is here in his  rust-beaten truck, of course there is the effervescent  Lightning McQueen but also other characters from the  film such as Professor Z, Ramone, Mack the Truck and  many many more.

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