Disney Lightning McQueen Plush

Disney Version of Pillow Pets

Disney Lightning McQueen PlushThe success of the Pillow Pets toys so loved by children and parents all over the world has meant that many parents are now looking for Harry Potter Pillow Pets, Star Wars Pillow pets, Toy Story Pillow Pets as well as the Disney version of Pillow Pets.

Sadly, there are no Disney characters available as Pillow Pet toys. The My Pillow Pets manufacturer has a specific line of toys for their Pillow Pets products and this does not include any of the Disney characters.  Also, the Disney characters themselves are protected by trademark and only the Disney enterprise would be able to manufacture and sell these toys.

Disney currently sells the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tow Mater Pillow Pet although you should note that these are NOT manufactured by the infamous My Pillow Pets manufacture.  However, Disney plush toys are being made and sold by some companies, and you can also get the Lightning McQueen Plush which is in the shape of the infamous cheeky red car.

You can also get the Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy 17 Inch which is a plush toy in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

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