Disney’s Dance Star Mickey

Watch the ever loveable Mickey Mouse come to life in  front of your very eyes; he can walk, talk and dance  and has the coolest, newest moves and grooves to  hand!

Watching Mickey performing his moves to different  songs also encourages little kids to get up and get moving  along with Mickey too!

Parents and children will enjoy watching Mickey  perform to 6 different styles of music:
Latin Techno
M to the I
Freeze Dance
Moon Dance
Mouska Mambo

Dance Star Mickey also comes with interactive games  that children can play.

There Are No Mickey Mouse Pillow Pets

Many parents and children having been looking for  Mickey Mouse Pillow Pets and their search often ends  in disappointment, simply because there are no Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet toys in creation nor are there any Disney Pillow Pets.

However, whilst this Dance Star Mickey might not be the ideal plush toy you might have hoped for, it is  definitely a more realistic looking Mickey. His most endearing qualities are his silly humor and his interactive activities, not to mention his super cool and often hilarious dance moves.

We think Dance Star Mickey does a lot more than a  Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet (if such a thing ever  existed) would do.

Kids will love him!

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