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Jolly Giraffe Pillow Pet

click to buy the Giraffe Pillow PetThe Jolly Giraffe Pillow Pet is a super soft and cuddly plush  giraffe in yellow and tan.
Close the velcro fastener across Jolly Giraffe’s belly and  you have a plush pet for your child to play with and to hug.

Open the velcro fastener and lay Jolly giraffe flat so that he  turns into a pillow for your child to use when it is  bedtime.

In this way, Jolly Giraffe never leaves your  childs side and is a constant companion.

Kids love their Pillow Pet toys and parents love that  these are more than just toys – by turning into a pillow  at night, they become more functional.

For one thing, the Pillow Pet companion is always a source  of comfort and a plaything for your child. Secondly, when  it comes to long travel times, whether by car or by plane,  having a Pillow Pet that can turn into a pillow and  support your child’s head in the most uncomfortable of  places (planes and cars) is a brilliant solution!

Soft, sturdy, machine washable (which moms love) and a  great companion and source of comfort to your child – the  Jolly Giraffe Pillow Pet is all these things and more!

With over forty creatures in the My Pillow Pets collection, you are sure to find the right Pillow Pet for your child. They come in all sorts of adorable and cuddly creatures, from the Pillow Pets Horse, to the Zebra Pillow Pet, the Pillow Pets Moose and other new Pillow Pets characters.

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