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My Pillow Pet Comfy Panda

click here to buy My Pillow Pet Comfy PandaMy Pillow Pet Comfy Panda is a beautiful, well padded white and black panda bear who fur is the softest chenille. You won’t want to let go of him once you get your arms around him.

Available in the larger size of 18 inches, we find that these larger sized My Pillow Pets plush toys are much more comfortable when used as pillows compared to their smaller counterparts, the 11 inch My Pillow Pets.

Unfasten the velcro strip that holds Comfy Panda together as a plush toy and you have a super-soft pillow as shown in the image above.

click here to buy My Pillow Pet Comfy PandaParents and kids alike have fallen in love with the My Pillow Pets plush toys and can’t seem to get enough of them.  In fact, so popular are they that the company have created some new My Pillow Pets characters to add to their steadily growing product range.

One note to be aware:  When ordering My Pillow Pets toys, be aware that there are many counterfeit companies selling cheaper and inferior copies of these toys.  Their fur will not be as soft, they won’t be as well stuffed or cuddly and their fur will fall off or attach itself to your clothes and bedsheets.

The authentic My Pillow Pets toys are made from the  softest of high-quality chenille, are beautifully stuffed and not lumpy inside and you won’t find any of the fur coming off in your hands or rubbing onto your clothes.

There should be a tag on the back foot of each toy that say “My Pillow Pets”.  It should say this exactly. If you see a tag that says “Pillow Pets” or anything else then this is a fake.

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