Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket Blue

Original Triceratops My Pillow Pet Plush Blanket

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket BlueKids absolutely adore the Dinosaur My Pillow Pets toys – why?

Because they are soft and cuddly and most dinosaur toys you get tend to be plastic and therefore hard to touch.

Oddly enough, whilst, as parents, we know that dinosaurs were huge, scary looking animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago, small children are mesmerised by them.

Films like “Jurassic Park” show the terrifying side of what life with dinosaurs might have been like but many cartoons and children’s films can often depict dinosaurs in a much softer light.  In any case, not being able to see any live dinosaurs any more, the Pillow Pets range of dinosaur toys have been a huge hit because they are cute and cuddly.

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket Green

The original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket (green) is not just for little kids. From youngsters to grandparents, you can all enjoy the extra snuggly, super soft and warm feel of this blanket.

Safe for children and conforming to ASTN and EN71 regulations, this is the ideal travel blanket,as well as being perfect for home use.

The best news for moms? Machine washable and fluff dry. No hassle, no mess for moms to clean up if made dirty.
Size is 48″ x 36″

Note: The manufacturer recommends this for children over the age of 24 months.

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