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Lady Bug Blanket


If you still haven’t seen the cute and adorable My Pillow Pets toys so loved by children, you’ve either been walking around with your eyes shut or are situated in a remote part of the world!

As well as having a plush toy that can be used as a pillow during naptire and bedtime, My Pillow Pets are plush companions by day. You can also buy blankets to match some of the Pillow Pets character.

Pillow Pets blankets are big, soft and adorable blankets that will keep your little ones snug and warm.
Made from the same super-soft chenille fabric that the My  Pillow Pets toys are made from, these blankets are a lovely  big size, 3 foot wide and 4 foot long. They will keep your kids nicely  covered from head to toe.

The Pillow Pets are plush toys that are toys by day and can turn into soft, snuggly pillows by night and are ideal for children especially when travelling.  Rest those tired little heads against a comfortable Pillow Pet when travelling by plane, car or train. Many parents find their once tiresome journeys with kids to be trouble free once they get their children a Pillow Pet toy!

Pillow Pets blankets are also available now but do not come in the same selection as the Pillow Pets toys, although the company is including more and more characters in its range of blankets. They also create new Pillow Pets toys on a regular basis, therefore increasing their product range.

The Pillow Pets toys are available in 7 different categories:

  • Farm
  • Zoo
  • Ocean
  • Sports
  • Bug
  • Fantasy
  • Holiday

Unlike the large collection of My Pillow Pets toys, the  Pillow Pets Blankets are only available for certain select  Pillow Pets creatures. At present these are:

The following is a genuine and authentic range of Pillow Pets blankets as manufactured by the My Pillow Pets company.

Please note that due to the huge success of My Pillow Pets toys, blankets, hat and backpacks, counterfeits and fraudulent products are also for sale on the market.

Farm Pillow Pets Blankets:
Dog Blanket
Duck Blanket
Pig Blanket
Horse Blanket

Zoo Pillow Pets Blankets:
Monkey Blanket
Zebra Blanket
Giraffe Blanket
Panda Blanket
Reptile Blanket

Bug Pillow Pets Blankets
Lady Bug Blanket
Bumble Bee Blanket
Orange Butterfly Blanket

Fantasy Pillow Pets Blankets
Unicorn Blanket
Green Dinosaur Blanket
Blue Dinosaur Blanket
Dragon Blanket

The added beauty of these gorgeous chenille plush blankets  is that they can be washed in the washing machine (on a  gently cycle).

Take a look at one of the My Pillow Pets Blanket dinosaur blankets here.

You can also get My Pillow Pets Backpacks and My Pillow Pets Hats.

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