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Pillow Pets Hats

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Pillow Pets Hats are as adorable and as soft and snuggly as the Pillow Pets plush toys that your children so love.
Currently, the following are available as Pillow Pets Hats:

  • Penguin Hat
  • Panda Hat
  • Frog Hat
  • Dog Hat
  • Koala Hat
  • Cat Hat
  • Bunny Hat
  • Pig Hat
  • Monkey Hat
  • Hippo Hat

Sizing for Pillow Pets Hats

My Pillow Pets hats are available in one size only.
This is because they are recommended for kids from age 3 upwards and, the hats are made from the same super soft Chenille fabric that is used to make the My Pillow Pets plush toys – therefore, the hats will stretch slightly if need be.

In any case, they will fit nice and snug on your little one’s head, keeping them super warm and looking as cute as ever.

Washing My Pillow Pets Hats

The good news for moms is that My Pillow Pets Hats are easy to wash in the washing machine and the gentle wash cycle is recommended.

Place your Pillow Pets hat or Pillow Pet Plush toy inside a white pillow case and tie the open end.

Wash on a gentle cycle using cold water and dry naturally.

Do NOT put into dryer!

Why use a pillow case to clean your Pillow Pet?
The pillow case protects your fibers on your Pillow Pet and ensures that your plush toy is gently cleaned. It also helps to increase the life of your pet.

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