Pillow Pets Sizes: Small and Large

The My Pillow Pets range of plush toys come in 2 sizes:Small Pillow Pets are 11 inches in size
Large Pillow Pets are 18 inches in size

Are Pillow Pets Safe For Infants?

My Pillow Pets toys are soft and cuddly and  therefore you would think these would be safe for  all ages of children, even small babies.  However,  this is not the cause because no matter how soft a  toy is, it can still pose a choking hazard for a  very young child.  Whether this is from some of the  soft fabric that a child might chew on, or the eyes,  nose, mouth and tail/fins/spots and so on that any  given animal might have, any of these could come off  the plush toy and end up in your youngster’s mouth.

My Pillow Pets Small – 11 in

Therefore, whenever you are buying toys for infants,  you must always check the recommended age as given  by the manufacturer.

My Pillow Pets toys are recommended for children  aged 3 years and upwards.

Extra Large Pillow Pets

The largest size that an original My Pillow Pets toy  is available in is 18 inches.  Some parents have  been looking for 36 inch Pillow Pets however, these  are probably fake Pillow Pets toys and not  originals.

As stated earlier, the original and authentic My  Pillow Pets toys are manufactured by the My Pillow  Pets company and these toys are available in 2 sizes  only:
A little Pillow Pet is around 11 inches in size.
A big Pillow Pet is around 18 inches in size.

Due to the enormous success that the My Pillow Pets  brand of toys has had during the last few years, it  should come as no surprise that there are lots of  companies springing up that claim to offer their own  brand of cuddly and plush toys.  There are many companies, too numerous to mention but unless a toy  specifically has a label on it that states it is  manufactured by the My Pillow Pets company, then it  is a fake.

How Big Are Pillow Pets Blankets?

My Pillow Pets blankets are a nice and big size of 3  feet by 4 feet.

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