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Sir Horse Pillow Pet

click here to buy Sir Horse from Amazon.comThe Sir Horse Pillow Pet plush toy is a firm favorite with many young children.  Sir Horse comes in both large and small sizes and is an extra cuddly brown horse made from the super-softest of Chenille fabric.

With Sir Horse, your child finds instant comfort and joy.
They can play with Sir Horse during the day when he is a Pillow Pet plush toy and by night Sir Horse turns into a super snuggly and soft, warm and cuddly pillow for your child to rest his head on.

Kids everywhere love their Pillow Pets, whatever creature they are and are seldom without their beloved plush pets once they get them.

At night, unfasten the velcro band across Sir Horse’s belly and lie Sir Horse flat – voila! He has turned into a pillow and can be used during naptime, TV time, whilst reading a book or bedtime. Sir Horse comes in extra handy during long journeys when he can be used as a pillow for your child to rest their head on, whether in an airplane or a car.

If your child is not too fond of horses, there are lots of other adorable My Pillow Pets characters to choose from a Pillow Pets Moose, Sassy Cat Pillow Pet to My Pillow Pets dragon and more.

My Pillow Pets Horse Is Easy To Clean Too

Unlike many plush toys which can be difficult to keep clean, Sir Horse can be placed into a washing machine on the Gentle cycle and throughly cleaned.  Don’t put him in the dryer though as this will ruin his fur! Far better to hang him out to dry naturally, which means his super soft fur will be just like new.

Make sure you purchase the original My Pillow Pets toys as made by the My Pillow Pets manufacturer – these will have the Pillow Pets labels sewn on the actual toy.

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