pillow pets success story

The My Pillow Pets Success Story

pillow pets success storyThe My Pillow Pets success story is an inspiring one for many who want to start and build their own successful businesses.  Started by a mother of two, Jennifer Telfer, back in 2003, these plush, super-soft stuffed animals have a double function and as their slogan says: It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet, It’s a Pillow Pet. They were the first folding stuffed toys ever created. Six years later, after television advertising, the My Pillow Pets toys really took off. Jennifer Telfer based the idea of My Pillow Pets on the experience of constantly having to pick up her children’s stuffed toys that would be left lying around the floor. She also found that her sons would smash their stuffed animals down so that they could rest their heads on them when tired, just like a pillow and that’s what gave her the idea of My Pillow Pets.

Not Just Another Stuffed Toy

Jennifer Telfer decided she wanted to create a type of plush pet that would actually serve a useful purpose as well as being a cuddly toy.  And so she designed the My Pillow Pets range of toys so that they would be soft and cuddly toys for children to play with but would also serve as headrests or pillows for children to go to sleep on at nighttime or during naptimes. The toys are easily transformed from a cuddly toy to a pillow and back again by a Velcro straps that feature underneath each toy. When the Velcro strap is fastened across the belly of each toy, it effectively bunches the pillow together so that it resembles a stuffed toy. The popularity of these toys spread like wildfire and before long, parents were raving about these plush toys that could also turn into pillows by night. In fact, many parents found that My Pillow Pets made the ideal travelling companions too. Their children loved their plush pets and were happy to travel with them for comfort but what parents found was very useful was that these made excellent pillows for sleeping during long tiring journeys by car or airplane.

My Pillow Pets Product Line Grows

In the beginning, Jennifer Telfer and her husband created just six toys. These were: Cozy Cow, Snuggly Puppy, Puffy Duck, Wiggly Pig, Friendly Frog and Silly Monkey. They become so popular very quickly that they decided to add another four animals to the mix. These days, they have over 40 different types of Pillow Pets toys to choose from and are always coming out with new Pillow Pets. The My Pillow Pets range also makes My Pillow Pets blankets, slippers and My Pillow Pets hats. They also have a website and a blog where the adorable and one of the most popular My Pillow Pets, Ms Ladybug goes on adventures across many continents with her fellow Pillow Pets friends.

My Pillow Pets Winner Of Several Awards

My Pillow Pets have won many awards for being a child-friendly and a useful and functional toy. Some of their awards include: iParenting Media Award from iParenting Media (website) iParenting Media Hot Award 2009 Dr Toy Best Award 2009 Toys R Us Hot Toy List 2010

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