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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear PillowBuzz and Woody Pillow Pets

Many of you have been trying to find Toy Story Pillow Pets. Unfortunately, these do not exist. There are no Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear Pillow Pets.

Click here to see what the original set of Pillow Pets toys look like – as you can see, there are no Toy Story Pillow Pets in the range.

However, do not despair because there are actually lots of plush Toy Story toys available – was well as many other Disney movie characters plush toys too.

It’s a nice big size and soft too which makes him easy and comfortable to hug.  Buzz’s face is also soft and made from a type of soft vinyl, so all in all, this is one plush, huggable Buzz Lightyear doll.

Plush Woody Doll

If you were looking for Sheriff Woody Pillow Pets – you won’t find any. But we have found a Toy Story Woody Plush Doll –

Sheriff Woody Pillow Time Pal

When children see movies, such as Cars 2 or Toy Story or any of the Harry Potter films, they automatically go looking for a plush toy in the shape of their favorite character.

Whilst there are no Star Wars Pillow PetsHarry Potter Pillow Pets or any Disney Pillow Pets you will still be able to find a plush toy in the shape of your favorite character.

Even though these characters are not available in the collection of plush toys made by the My Pillow Pets company you can still find other plush toys.  So, if your child is desperate to get a Mater Pillow Pet, you will be able to find a plush toy in the shape of Mater but it is not from the My Pillow Pets company.

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