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Baby Stella Doll

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Baby Stella dolls are adorable soft baby dolls that have  different colored hair. You can get Baby Stella with Black hair, blonde hair  or peach.

Baby Stella has a 5 star rating on and has won the following awards:

  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2006
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council 3-star award 2007

These dolls inspire nurturing play in young children and are an excellent choice as your child’s first doll.


Baby Stella Dolls Are Beautifully Detailed

Baby Stella is recommended for children as young as 12  months old and is extremely soft, with a soft foam head and beans (barley or wheat maybe) inside her belly.

She is extremely detailed and has lifelike toes, a belly  button, soft fleece hair and eyes, nose and mouth all  sewn on. This is a great safety feature since it means  there are no hard add-ons for eyes or nose that could  pose a potential health hazard for young children.

Baby Stella With Diaper and Pacifier

As well as a super-soft dress, Baby Stella comes with a  detachable pacifier that magnetically attaches to her  mouth. It comes off though and this becomes a problem if  you lose it. On the other hand, the pacifier is quite  large and won’t pose a choking hazard if your baby puts  it in their mouth.

She also has a removable diaper which is a really realistic touch.

If you’re looking to buy a soft and safe first baby doll  for your daughter, you might like to Check out Baby Stella at  She comes in 4 different  color options for hair color and is a beautifully made  doll.

Soft and safe, Baby Stella is a great choice for a baby’s  first doll.

You can buy feeding accessories for Baby Stella as well  as a high chair, bed and various outfits.

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