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Barbie Glam Vacation House

click here to buy the Barbie Glam Vacation HouseThe Barbie Glam Vacation House is the ultimate in  doll accessories and the sort of place that Barbie  really can’t do without.

This 2-storey building has 6 areas of play where  kids can let their imagination run wild and create  lots of fun and interesting stories for Barbie as well as re-arrange the furniture in the different rooms.

The play areas include:

A kitchen which comes fully equipped with all the  essentials that girls need in a holiday home, such  as a refrigerator, a blender, glasses, plates,  snacks and a fun Clip n’ Flip breakfast bar

A living room – after all, this is where Barbie and  friends can relax and take it real easy. Whether  lying on the sofa in front of the coffee table or  watching a girlie movie on the Clip n’ Flip flat  screen TV.

A bedroom or Patio which is on the second floor and is accessed via the  staircase. Girls have the option of turning this  room into either a bedroom or an outdoor patio.
If it becomes a bedroom, you have a totally  glamorous purple bed with a Clip n’ Flip chandelier  and TV.

Or, if you decide to turn this space into an  outdoor patio, you can move the Clip n’ Flip  breakfast bar into here and make it a super cool  summer tiki bar instead!


There are lots of detailed accessories too:

  • couch
  • bed
  • flat screen TV
  • chandelier
  • tiki lights
  • blender
  • 2 chairs
  • shower and toilet
  • coffee table

The possibilities for fun and creativity are  endless.

And, once kids have finished playing, you can  easily fold the vacation house up into its case for  easy storage. It is also very portable too, which  makes it super easy for moms to take friend’s houses  or to Grandma’s as well.

Multiple Play Opportunities with Barbie  Vacation Fun

Of course, Barbie is known for being a glam style  icon and her accessories have the edge of super  glam and trendy too. Aside from the fashions and  niceties, this Barbie Glam Vacation house really  does offer lots of opportunities for playing out  different story lines. With Barbie, her sisters,  friends and Ken, there is a lot of room here for  creativity and imaginative play.

Not only can you arrange and re-arrange the  furniture to style the house and do complete home  makeovers, you can also create different storylines  that revolve around Barbie visiting different  places with different characters.

Perfect for children aged 3 years and above and due  to the ease with which this can be folded up and  packed into a case, it is extremely portable and  allows for fun play dates at friends’ houses.

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