Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12 Inch Baby Doll

click here to buy Mon Premier Calin Baby DollCalin, the Corolle Mon Premier 12 inch baby doll makes  the perfect first baby doll for girls to have.

She resembles a little baby more so than many other hard,  plastic dolls on the market. For starters, Calin has  a soft bean filled body which makes her all the more  huggable and softer to hold and hug.

Her arms and legs are still made from vinyl and she has a  subtle vanilla scent on her that gives her a delicious  smell, making kids and adults want to hold  her and never let go!

An Adorable Washable Baby Doll

Made in France, Calin is beautifully styled and has baby  blue eyes that open and close shut when she lies down.

She is lightweight and around 12 inches tall.

Little girls all love their baby dolls because it brings  out their caring and nurturing side but with Calin,  playing make believe mums with babies is easy, because  Calin is so very cute and soft.

She is easy to clean too and comes in a beautiful 1 piece  pink and white woolen outfit with hat.

Perfect Sized Dolls For Girls To Carry Easily

Calin is a nice 12 inch size, which makes her very easy  for little girls to carry around easily. She is also very  easy to put into her stroller and take for a walk too.

Corolle dolls are beautifully made and most parents comment on how life-like these dolls appear to be.

For many, and it was the same for us although we bought our daughter a Baby Annabell doll, it seems that the time that a baby doll came in most handy was when we had our second  child.  If your first-born is a girl, then it is easier  to buy them a doll because they look so much like a baby.

Our daughter used to look after her “baby” whilst I took  care of the new arrival and in this way, there was no  jealousy or sibling rivalry since my daughter was so  pre-occupied with her own “child”.

For many parents, buying a new baby doll for their girls  when a new arrival is on the way is a great idea and if  you can get a baby doll that really does look like a  baby, as the Corolle doll Calin does, then all the  better.

Another beautiful doll by Corolle is the Special Feature Baby Doll Lila.

Baby Stella is another cute doll for young children and she is available in different colored hair and is lovely and soft to hold making her an ideal doll for a baby.

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