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Corolle Special Feature Baby Doll Lila

Corolle make beautiful, realistic looking baby dolls and their Special Feature Baby Doll Lila is no exception.

Baby Lila, The Size Of A Newborn

At 17 inches, Baby Lila is similar in size to a newborn baby and really does encourage interactive and creative play for your child. She is lightweight and very easy for little ones to carry about.

With blue eyes and making realistic baby noises, the Baby Lila is the perfect doll to give your child if you are having a new baby and want to make the transition easier.
Having Baby Lila to care for and nurture, just like a “real mommy” means your older child will be busily occupied with Baby Lila whilst you are taking care of the new baby.

Lila, just like Corolle’s Mon Premier Calin doll, is a realistic looking doll that will help your child play act her role as “mommy” looking after her baby.  Whereas Calin is not interactive and at 12 inches is a much smaller doll, Baby Lila is bigger and interactive too – so much like a new baby.

Baby Lila doesn’t just look like a baby, she also sounds like a baby making loud crying noises until you give her a bottle of milk.

Lila is recommended for children aged 3 years and upwards and, like other Corolle dolls also comes with a subtle vanilla scent that makes her so huggable and sweet-smelling.

Baby Lila has won the Oppenheim Best Toy Platinum Seal and the iParent Media Winner Awards.

Interactive Baby Lila With Accessories

Baby Lila has 4 different functions. She can:

  • cry when you place her on her tummy (but she will stop after about 10 seconds or if you give her some milk)
  • babble and coo when you squeeze her hand
  • laugh when you tickle her tummy
  • make sucking noises when you give her the feeding bottle

All of which are very realistic sounding baby noises!

When you buy Baby Lila you also get:

  • a teddy bear
  • a feeding bottle
  • a feeding bib
  • pajamas
  • a pacifier

Parents will be pleased to hear that Baby Lila’s outfit can be washed in the machine making it easier to keep clean when soiled.

The one thing that many parents found a bit annoying about Baby Lila was the fact that she carried on making noises out of the blue.

So be sure to switch her off when baby is sleeping or during nap times otherwise Baby Lila’s loud crying is sure to get your own baby awake!

All in all, Baby Lila is a great nurturing doll and has won the following prestigious awards too:

  • the Oppenheim Best Toy Platinum Seal
  • the iParent Media Winner Award

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