Dolls – A Friendly Companion for Little Girls At Play

image for DollsThe exciting world of Barbie, Bratz, Baby Corolle dolls,  and Cabbage Patch dolls as seen through your child’s eyes.
There are no limits to your child’s imagination and playing with dolls, baby dolls, princess dolls, rag dolls (the list is endless) helps your child to role play and create magical worlds inhabited by princesses and heroines who live in castles and are rescued by princes on horseback!

Join the enchanted world of Barbie and her Double Carriage with horses, or Barbie and her Enchanted Castle. And now there is the Barbie Fairytopia – Elina Doll with Magical Light-Up Wings! Taken from the Fairytopia DVD movie, Elina is a beautiful fairy who has no wings – your child will be entranced by her no less..
Bratz Dolls, on the other hand, are the hippest, most coolest, ultra trendy babes in town! Bratz dolls have fantastic fashion sense, they look ultra trendy, have great makeup and accessories and drive the cutest cars! All girls want to be just like them!
As well as Barbie and Bratz, we also have Cabbage Patch dolls and baby dolls, such as Baby Annabell and Nicole.

We have ethnic dolls, such as Baby Stella with Black hair, the Monster High fashion dolls, Dora the Explorer dolls, princess dolls, favourite character dolls, walking and talking dolls, rag dolls, soft dolls, toddler dolls and much, much more!
As well as a varied selection of dolls, you can easily browse online to find doll accessories such as doll clothing, playsets, horses, tea and dinner sets and dolls houses too.

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