Dora the Explorer dolls

Dora The Explorer Dolls

Dora the Explorer dollsDora The Explorer has grown to become a firm  favourite with young children.  The doll is based  on the animated cartoon series of the same name  which is featured on Nickelodeon in the United  States and loved by children, especially pre-school  children throughout the US.

Dora is a young Latina girl who has a talking  monkey, called Boots, as her friend.  Together,  Dora and Boots embark on a few adventures on which  they more often than not bump into Swiper,  a villainous fox.

The theme throughout many of the Dora The Explorer  episodes is of music, math, physical coordination,  being able to make decisions and follow directions.   Dora The Explorer is bilingual and speaks both  Spanish and English.

By engaging pre-schoolers in her adventures Dora  The Explorer takes your children along with her and  her friends as they journey through exciting places  such as Crocodile Lake and Spooky Forest.   Whilst  on these quests, Dora The Explorer is tested and  faces exciting challenges and problems which she  must overcome – with your child’s help.   Dora  cannot continue without your child’s interaction.   “Play, Laugh and Learn” is the premise on which  this series is built – and this is exactly what  your child will do with Dora The Explorer, her  sidekick Boots and Swiper, the arch villain fox.

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