Monster High Abbey Bominable

click here to buy Monster High Abbey BominableAbbey Bominable is a 16 year old and the daughter of the  Yeti. She is at Monster High because her family are good  friends of the Headmistress of Monster High and she is an  exchange student from up north.

She is the captain of the Snowboarding team.

Abbey loves her Uggs and comes with the usual accessories  that Monster High dolls come with: a pet, a doll stand, a  brush and a diary.

Abbey’s pet is a baby woolly mammoth called Shiver.

Whichever way you look at it, the Monster High doll  Abbey is unique and beautifully created.

Abbey Bominable Looks So Unique

Is it Abbey’s white fur lined Uggs that give her an  ultra stylish look or her light blue and slightly  glittery skin which gives her a shimmery, shiny look  overall?

Abbey’s hair is irisdescent and sparkly and not made  out of gold strands that snap when brushed.  Abbey’s  hair has a unique texture to it and can be properly  brushed through.

Another interesting thing about Abbey is that she does  not have “normal” hands. Instead, she has “claw hands”
which at first you might think are out of character  with such a beautifully put together doll, but believe  me, they will grow on you.

She is dressed in the latest fashion, has super cool  jewelery to complement her outfit, immaculate make-up  and striking white hair with blue and pink streaks.

At the moment Abbey seems to be in huge demand and  might be difficult to find in stores and possibly even  run out of stock online.  Although, Mattel, the  company behind the creation of these dolls, is doing  its best to try to meet customer demand.

In any case, Abbey Bominable seems to have a lot more  unique and striking features than many of the other  Monster High dolls, and this is quite a huge claim to  make given that the rest of the dolls are quite  remarkable in their own right too.

Why Is Abbey More Expensive Than Other Monster High Dolls?

The Monster High dolls seem to be priced differently from doll to doll and this is due to the characteristics and design features of each doll.

Whilst it is true that all of the Monster High Dolls are unique and highly stylized, it would appear that  Abbey is one of the original Monster High characters,  as opposed to being one of the Dead-Tired or Gloom  Beach dolls and hence will be a litte pricier compared to the others.

In addition, Abbey looks more like that actual character from the Monster High webisodes, more so than any of the  other dolls.

Note: The Monster High dolls are recommended for children  aged 6 years and above and are extremely popular with  girls from the ages of 11 to 15.  Even grown up women  have been known to grow fond of these dolls!

This is because these dolls are beautifully made and have  a lot of detail, their faces are beautiful, fully made  up, their hair looks great, their outfits are trendy and  cool. They have become collectors items with many who  know seek to buy as many of them to add to their  collection.

Abbey Bominable seems to be one of the harder Monster  High Dolls to track down.
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