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Monster High Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Doll Giftset

click to buy the Monster High Draculaura Clawd Wolf Doll set hereInspired by monster movies and horror stories, the  Monster High characters are in some way related to the  famous and well-known horror characters such as  Dracula, the Werewolf, Frankenstein and more.

The Monster High dolls Draculaura and Clawd Wolf are the hottest new couple at Monster High since Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon.

Clawd Wolf is the newest addition to the Monster High  Doll collection and the brother of Clawdeen Wolf. He is a werewolf and the new BMOC (big monster  on campus) and  as well as being the captain of the  football team, he can also drive.

Many people seem to love Clawd’s hair:  it is fuzzy and  he has sideburns too which suit him quite well. In addition, compared to the other male Monster High dolls, Clawd  seems the be the most handsome and well dressed of the  bunch.

In this giftset, Clawd seems to be wearing an  outfit that would not look out of place on a catwalk  and the stylish scarf around his neck has a  herringbone pattern! Such attention to detail is what  sets these Monster High dolls apart from all the other  fashion dolls currently on the market.

As with other Monster High dolls, the clothing and  detail on the accessories of these two dolls is high  quality.

Gone are the days of all dolls looking the same and  having the bare minimum of features.

The Monster High dolls seem to have started a new  trend in the world of dolls.  By creating each doll to  be so individually different and highly stylized, we  can teach our children that everyone might look  different but its alright.  In a way, we pass on a  subtle message about accepting tolerance.

Of course, Mattel hit upon  a great idea with these  fashion dolls and we don’t suppose for one minute that   becoming tolerant was one of those reasons!

Rather, the genius idea of having so many accessories  and different looks for each doll only means that  there will be more Monster high doll costumes and  accessories to buy at a later time.  Sigh!

Are Monster High Dolls For Young Children?

Although the Monster High Fashion dolls are touted as being for children aged 6 years and upwards, many  parents believe that they should be for an older aged child, say 10 years above.

The reasons are many, ranging from the dolls being fashion dolls and hence promoting the idea of make-up,  looking good and fashion to children from an early age. This is something that many parents do not agree with.

Secondly, these dolls have an amazing amount of detail, from eyelashes, to make-up, different types of  hair, clothing and jewelry and many parents feel that children aged 6 years tend to play rough and tumble  with their toys.

The Monster High dolls are quite delicate in comparison to, say a Cabbage Patch doll, and therefore are more prone to being broken by younger children.

Don’t forget that these dolls have moveable joints and hands and feet that can come off and snap back on  again, in order to make it easier to dress them. Younger children could well end up breaking these parts if they remove them with too much force.

Personally, we find that older children, pre-teens,  teenagers and even women in their 20s and 30s and  above are falling in love with these dolls and buying  them as collectibles.

The Monster High Draculaura doll is Count Dracula’s daughter but she does  not drink blood and she is a vegan! Draculaura is  nothing like Count Dracula, instead, she is sweet and  friendly, loves the colors pink and black, is 1,599  years old and has a pet bat called Count Fabulous!

Monster High Draculaura and Clawd Giftset

When you buy this giftset you get:

  • a Draculaura doll
  • a Clawd Wolf doll
  • 2 diaries
  • a brush
  • pets
  • a purse
  • an umbrella

The Monster High Dolls are becoming highly prized collectibles by Monster High fans and this giftset has a 5 star rating on

Many happy buyers comment on the high level of detail on these dolls and the accessories.

The Monster High dolls are famous for their intricate characterization and detailing. Standing at around 11  inches tall, these dolls have small heads and noses and luscious big lips. They have different skin tones  which can be blue, green or pink. Since these dolls  comes with different clothes, their forearms and hands  are removable to make dressing easier.

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

If you just want to get just Clawdeen (remember, she is Clawd Wolf’s sister) then you can get the Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll.

click here to buy the Monster High Clawdeen Wolf DollAs you can see from her image, Clawdeen is so  fabulously and intricately detailed with her  beautifully coiffed hairdo, her fur-necked jacket,  beautifully applied makeup, and oh-so-very-long  eyelashes.

This is what makes these dolls so utterly fabulous  and stunning to look at. No wonder so many people  are collecting these dolls as fast as they can get  their hands on them. Though they are not always easy to  find.

The entire range of Monster High dolls can be  articulated and hence can be made to pose in lots  of different ways.

Clawdeen is a really well constructed doll with  lots of points of articulation (meaning that you  can bend her joints in many places). Her knees  bend, the upper-legs are adjustable, her wrists,  elbows and shoulders are all adjustable as is her  head with a great range of movement.

The detailing of the makeup and clothing is  exquisite and is one of the main reasons that many  adults have taken to collecting the entire line of  Monster High dolls.

What you will notice when you look at these beautifully designed dolls is that each one is so unique and individual from the other. Each doll her has own style of fashion, hairstyle, makeup and choice of accessories.

You will see that the Monster High Frankie Stein doll looks completely different to the Lagoona Blue doll or the Abbey Bominable doll.

Unlike Barbie dolls where each one looks visually identical, these fashion dolls are unique and are fast becoming a collector’s item.

These dolls tend to be more popular with older girls aged 8 years and upwards.

Children aged around 3 years of age tend to like playing with Baby Corolle dolls or the fabric Lalaloopsy dolls, with Dora the Explorer dolls being a firm favorite for pre-schoolers.

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